Elementary School Drops Halloween Because It’s ‘Not Inclusive,’ Replaces It With ‘Black & Orange Day’

“The costume parade is out of our ordinary routine and can be difficult for many students. Also, the parade is not inclusive of all the students, and it is our goal each and every day to ensure all student’s individual differences are respected,” the letter read in part.

All Western traditions must be destroyed.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    They need to bring in the ‘Black and Tans’ to work over the administration.

    • Watchman

      Hmm….’Orange and Black’. I thought Halloween was more than a celebration of the current US prison population, but admittedly it could be real scary if it was.

      Don’t they realise that Halloween is another pagan religious festival co-opted by Christians because it is generally easier to co-opt religious festivals than it is to enforce bans on them? http://www.history.com/topics/halloween/history-of-halloween

      Halloween not really Christian, so those who claim that it is and therefore exclusive to Christianity are mistaken.

      • Maurice Miner

        Too true, Watchman, too true!

      • Blacksmith

        Don’t let the truth dissuade from the agenda…….

      • Jabberwokk

        I’ve never looked at it co-opted. I’ve always seen it as redemption. A way of saying this is what we believe God can do to you. He redeems and makes new

        Revleation 21:5 He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then
        he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

  • terrence22

    Home School – maybe they are trying to push more parents to take their kids out of the system.

  • Watchman

    “to ensure all student’s individual differences are respected”
    Can’t be done. It’s not possible. Muslim students would want everyone to convert to islam otherwise they would have to be near and touch najis (unclean) other children and additionally the Jews might have to kill themselves so the core islamic religious beliefs of muslim children are respected.

    There are always some children that will be different and will not want to or not be able to participate in every school activity.

    • jayme

      You’re correct about islam, of course: with it in the mix this could never work (they would never be satisfied short of full sharia). But even without islam, if one tries overly hard to be inclusive to all what in the world kind of culture would remain? I would suggest a bland, colorless an empty one, at best.

      • Watchman

        I guess a “malleable uninformed proletariat who exist only to pay tax and vote us in” would be the Progressives ideal citizen. Where diversity only exists in skin color, not differing thoughts and attitudes: where only Progressive ideas remain and only the elite and the State matters. Something like the society described in Orwell’s 1984, I expect – but without anyone like Winston.

    • gxp01

      Well at least I’m thankful to God I wasn’t born a Mudslime 😉

  • Dana Garcia

    How can orange-and-black day be inclusive when it omits red, yellow, green, blue and violet?


  • canminuteman

    It’s been black and orange day at my kids school since they started a decade ago.

  • marty_p
  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m going as a Mexican Rosa Parks dressed in a Nazi flag, and smoking a blunt, esse.

  • Jabberwokk

    And know we know why the football team is called the ‘red blacks’.