Dodgy Canadian Consultancy Admits It Sells Cbi Passports To Iranians

After our recent article, Dominica & St Lucia’s CBI Programs have a CBI Consultancy in Iran, there was a denial issued, by the unofficial regime mouthpiece, Anthony “Tony” Astaphan, who has asserted that Swallow Immigration Consultancy, Inc., was not an agent for the Dominica CBI program, notwithstanding that the firm’s website recites that it is. I therefore decided to settle the issue by contacting the consultancy’s manager, Nousheen Pourjahani, via telephone at her office in Canada, and she was happy to confirm Swallow’s status as Dominica CBI Agent & Promoter.

  • Observer

    Immigration consultants and lawyers are at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to ethics for the already morally vacant legal profession.

    They will do anything to get people into Canada no matter how immoral and how much it puts Canadians at risk, in this case buying Caribbean diplomatic passports for third world operatives and terrorists to get them into Canada.