Decline of ISIS means Syrians should return and rebuild their country

Mosul was the greatest prize of ISIS and they lost control of it just a couple months ago when we were in Iraq! This week, ISIS’s official capital city Raqqa was recaptured by the Syrian Defense Forces.

Syria is safer thanks to these victories and the migrants can return to rebuild the country, but Toronto is considering spending $20 million for the migrants to stay in hotels over the winter.

  • ontario john

    What, and leave all this free stuff here! Besides, now they have a whole new country to wreck.

    • I imagine if they DID leave before the next election.

      Why, that could hurt Justin.

  • Yaacov ben Moshe

    This is the basic truth of behavior. When you reward something, you get more of it. The corollary is that when you are penalized for something, it takes insight and intelligence to build up an aversion to the behavior. This is why, when the left rewards the immigration of unsuitable masses of “refugees” they are deluded by the feeling of virtue they get and blinded by the “we are all immigrants” glittering generalization into thinking that they are “right”. By the time the pain becomes so unavoidable that they realize they are committing suicide, it will be too late.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Everyone’s taking a victory lap for Bashir Assad.


  • PaulW

    It was never really about helping people: it was about virtue signaling, importing cheap labor and growing the welfare state. Mission accomplished; there is no way the politicians and progressives are going to undo the mess they’ve created at this point (and the “refugees” sure as hell aren’t going to give up the sit-on-their-fat-asses for life lifestyle that they’ve been given).

  • Barrington Minge

    But they won’t. Arabs are fundementally lazy

  • Canadian Born

    When will Canadians stand up like our ancestors, did and defend Canada? Enough is enough send them back to rebuild their country. When will these brain dead Canadians stop destroying Canada?

    • Liberal Progressive

      There is no Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau has already publicly stated we are the first post-national state!

  • Liberal Progressive

    But if they return who is going to pay them welfare benefits not to work and provide free housing?

  • Alain

    They did not only come here for all the free stuff, although that is a big plus, they came to conquer as required by Islam. Do not expect them to depart of their own free will unless the freebies are eliminated and they are made to feel truly uncomfortable. I am not talking about the bogus backlash that never happens either.

  • ntt1

    cut the benefits to what Canadians receive then as winter bites , offer free charter flights back to the sandbox,