Quebec MNA Amir Khadir scolded for ‘Israel lobby’ comment

The organization is calling on Amir Khadir, a Québec solidaire MNA, to apologize to the Jewish community for comments he makes in a film produced by British filmmaker Abid Mahi, called #Quebec4Palestine.

A trailer for the film on YouTube is accompanied by the text, “Why are so many Canadians waking up to Israeli’s [sic] crimes!” Elsewhere, Mahi says his goal is advancing the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign.

  • Starlord

    Why is this guy in Quebec or even Canada. Go to Palestine join hamas and be true to your terrorist self.

    Bds this, wear stupid scarf, protest stuff… time to get to it and get over there… crickets sjw

  • Linda1000

    We don’t need people like Khadir in Canada stirring up crap. I’m tired of hearing all the conspiracy lunacy about Jews and lies about Israel. Why doesn’t he just catch a fast plane back to Iran and shit disturbed there.

  • k1962

    I saw a useful idiot on the sky train today wearing 4 anti Israel buttons on the front of his coat. This was a tiny little man in his late 50’s early 60’s, probably a United Church of Canada member. I gave him the stink eye. Tool.

    • felis gracilis

      United Church of Canada member and full-on NDPee hack as well, probably. Maybe used to manage Libby Davies’ constituency office.

      Perhaps as well as the stink eye, he needed a run-in with a few inglourious bastards.

      • k1962

        He was such a dweeb. I could have probably beat him up. What grown man goes around with 4 political buttons on his coat? :/

        • Clausewitz

          My guess, Union shop steward.

  • Fred_Z

    Is his middle name Moohammed, Mahmad, Mehmed, Mahamed, Mohamad, Mohamed, Mohammad,
    Mohammed, Muhamad, Muhamed, Muhamet, Muhammed, Muhammet, Mahammud,
    Mehmet, Mohd, Muh,Mohamed or Mahamid?

    Because for damn sure it’s one of them.