Disturbing Video – U.S. Aid To Puerto Rico Thrown in Dumpsters

There has been a great deal of political consternation and talking points about U.S. aid, or the lack thereof, delivered to Puerto Rico. Indeed, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto has been a favorite of Democrats and liberal U.S. media as a spokesperson for claims the U.S. has not done enough for the island’s people.

However, a disturbing video shows Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State showing boxes and boxes of food, water and supplies being discarded by Puerto Rican officials in dumpsters, obviously not reaching the intended residents.

  • tom_billesley

    Shameful waste. At least in East Africa, bags of rice stencilled “USAid” were sold in the markets.

  • Del Evans

    Thats the back of a truck not a dumpster. The fact that things are still on pallets should be the first clue. Don’t fall for this. Easily debunked

    • ntt1

      troll easily ignored

      • Del Evans

        Because when you dump things in a dumpster you stack it on pallets. Fuck are you dumb ntt1.

        • ntt1

          Still a troll Look at your answer a troll , and an ugly one

          • Del Evans

            You are a nut.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Trump controls all dumpsters. And the gravity it takes to drop thing into them.

  • ontario john


  • Watchman

    I’m sure San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto would prefer the aid from the USA come as either $10 billion deposited into a numbered back account in Switzerland or a lot of stacked pallet loads of non-sequential $100 ‘Benjamins’. Oh, and the $70 billion Puerto Rico debt would have to be annulled of course.

  • DMB