Days After Sentencing 3 Ahmadi Muslims To Death, Pakistan Wins UN Human Rights Seat

When posters abusing and calling for the social boycott of Ahmadi Muslims were plastered in a Pakistani village, four Ahmadis decided to remove them from their Mosque. In retrospect, it was a bad decision. Just five days ago, a Pakistani court handed three of them the death sentence for “blasphemy” (for tearing down “religious posters”). The fourth one? just a few days after his arrest, he was gunned down while in police custody.

  • ontario john

    What other country would the UN pick, than a country that murders and persecutes Christians and other minorities.

    • Will Quest

      I suspect sweet Liberal MP Iqra Khalid had a delightful frisson and wet her panties ohhhhh so slightly, to hear that these vile Pakistani blasphemers were executed & the izzlamic state was reward at the UN for enforcing a heinous sharia tenet ……

  • Surele Surele

    It is high time UN went the League of Nations way.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Why are we still paying for this thing?

    • ontario john

      Because it will be a great photo op for little Justin, when he gets that security seat.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        Yeah’: he’ll be in there with the rest of the stupid.

  • felis gracilis

    Pakistan – the antithesis of human rights. Therefore, in the twisted logic of the UN, a prime candidate for a seat on the human rights council.

  • terrence22

    Soodie arabia is on the same “human rights” council, so why can anyone be surprised at pakisatan getting on it – waiting the feminists to complain, waiting, crickets,…

    • Watchman

      Intersectional interests between despots, islamists, Communists and Third Wave feminists: working on destroying Western Civilisation to rule whatever is left. Little do the feminists understand that if they ever succeed they will never share the tiniest bit of power and will be slaughtered or permanently enslaved as what happened after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, when after the country was taken over the islamists took over and slaughtered the Communist co-revfolutionists and enslaved the women.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    The UN : What a bunch of shit brains!