Cutting Off UNESCO: Nice Start, Now How About The Rest Of The Israel-Hating U.N.?

“President Trump has announced the U.S. will pull out of UNESCO, the U.N.’s educational, science and cultural organization, because of the agency’s ‘continuing anti-Israel bias.’ This should be a warning to the rest of the U.N., which is no better.

Among the many enduring disappointments of the United Nations is its profound and at times shocking anti-Israel sentiment, which verges on a kind of sick obsession that runs completely contrary to the U.N.’s founding principles. But UNESCO is particularly bad.

How bad? In 2011, it went too far even for the Obama administration by giving ‘Palestine,’ a state that doesn’t exist, full membership in UNESCO. Under President Obama, the U.S. stayed in the organization, but suspended its payments.

  • terrence22

    The UN is really a lot worse than UNESCO.

    Trump should withdraw the USA from it and stop funding it all together, including supplying the headquarters in NYC. I really do not expect the feminists (really feninazis) to do anything but be in full support the UN – in spite of soddie arabia being it it (I think it also sits on the “human rights” panel).

  • vwVwwVwv

    A Superpower has to lead the World not to isolate itself.
    As the current President is no Politican the UN will do
    everything possible and the EU will help to Isolate the USA.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The US has over the years pressed the UN by being in financial arrears. Unfortunately that never seems to result in any improvement. There are a few reasons for that but the major two are corruption and intent. The UN is a corrupt organization where billions of dollars flow through it and around it to line the pockets of dictators and diplomats. Some might say that’s the only operational purpose OF the UN. Most of the member states laugh at the rhetoric from the major nation states. The other reason, intent is that even if there was one dollar left at the UN it would be used to kill a Jew. That’s the other purpose that the UN serves. If they have a billion dollars or a dime, whatever is left after the skim is for Jew killing. That’s the stated purpose of the UN. So we have an unstated purpose – graft, and a stated one – another holocaust.