Trying to escape? Caitlan Coleman, wife of former Canadian hostage Joshua Boyle, rushed to hospital

SMITHS FALLS, Ont. — Joshua Boyle, a Canadian who was rescued with his family last week by Pakistani troops, said Tuesday that his wife had to be rushed to the hospital and remains there.

Boyle told The Associated Press in an email that his wife, Caitlan Boyle, was admitted Monday. His email did not specify why she was taken to the hospital.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Either she tried to kill herself because she wants to go back or be beat the shit out her.

    • Red marks not allowed! Only black and blue!

    • k1962

      Or she had a nervous breakdown. He’s the only one speaking, so she’s probably very unwell.

      • ntt1

        she is not allowed to speak, according to justin, This is the way in the new post national Canada

  • Del Evans

    Great. Another foreign muzzie getting healthcare in Canada

  • TJ

    After years of eating mangy goat meat she got some real food and got sick from it. They all look too healthy to have been really “hostages” for 5 years. They may not have eaten as much as a normal western diet but they did not starve. They should have had to stay in a hospital for months to get their strength and mental state back specially the kids.

    • J. C.

      “Get their mental state back”…??? They never had a good mental state in the first place or they’d have never traveled to the Middle East…

    • andycanuck

      Yeah. In Band of Brothers a U.S. medical officer tells one of the main-character officers after liberating a concentration camp that ‘these people are eating themselves to death’ so they’ll have to have their intake controlled or they’ll end up dead, with an implied ‘no matter how sympathetic you are to their starvation’. (Not that they’re at that level as you point out.)

    • Sunshine

      He looks healthy. Her, we haven’t seen her yet, only a face.

      • Carol Scott

        men eat first in islam, then the kids and mom gets whats left, if anything

  • mauser 98
  • chayisun

    Probably off to the local psychiatric ward for treatment as she still thinks she’s somewhere in Pakistan. What really is annoying is the fact OUR tax dollars are paying for this slug’s hospital stay.

    Also interesting is the fact this idiot, who decided to go backpacking in some toilet bowl country, has the email of a contact within the Associated Press, no less. I’m surprised that this twit hasn’t contacted CNN. Not yet, anyway.

  • ntt1

    multiple rapes plus living with a dead eyed zealot can be debilitating. she needs to be counseled away from that incredibly creepy man.

    • Alain

      Those rapes remain very questionable.

      • ntt1

        he admits to his captors defiling his wife in front of their kids so its just a matter of frequency. did he put his wife in harms way by going hiking in a war zone and did he use her personal integrity as a bargaining chip with his captors?

        • barryjr

          How much did he receive for pimping her out?

        • Alain

          No, that is his claim which does not make it true. The Taliban have more credibility and said he lied.

          • ntt1

            they are both muslims its a religion that makes a sacrament of lying, looking at her pictures to date she seems shattered and withdrawn.
            she looks like she has gone through an ordeal, he just looks like a demented mass killer which he may yet prove out.

    • Exile1981

      He was trying to arrange a cooking accident because she is an adulterer.

  • barryjr

    Who cares?

  • Sunshine

    Boyle is a pure Islamist that exercises total control over the wife. Maybe she wanted to get rid of the Islamic attire and he beat her.
    I think she hates him and will eventually try for a divorce, at which point he’ll go crazy.

  • k1962

    Who is paying for her hospital stay? She hasn’t been here for 3 months yet. Do some Canadians get special consideration over others?

    • Frances

      She’s not even Canadian.

      • k1962

        It’s really not fair. I know she has been through a lot (just being married to Boyle!), but plenty of CANADIANS have to wait for 3 months after being out of the country before the medical kicks in. I don’t know, maybe it’s written somewhere that someone like her will get special treatment. But you’re right. She’s not even Canadian! Maybe she’s considered a refugee as they get medical as soon as they step foot in Canada-stupid us.