Trudeau’s damage control is both bizarre and insulting

The news conference Monday at a pizzeria in Stouffville, Ont, at which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced a reduction in the federal small business tax rate, was both bizarre and insulting.

First the insulting part.

  • Liberal Progressive

    We Liberals don’t worry about what the ignorant masses think!

  • David Murrell

    I caught the Liberal press conference on BNN News. What was interesting was that — given that the Globe and the CBC broke two different stories about Morneau financial sleaze that very morning — the reporters asked very polite versions of the stories, lobbing quaint, softball questions. It’s all one big Liberal family. Trudeau must be laughing.

  • ntt1

    There does seem to be a satisfying wave of disgust as the liberals revert to form. I have had two women admit to morning after regrets after voting for him based on what their lady parts told them, lets hope the regrets grow and we can dump this destructive fool.

    • Linda1000

      Your female friend’s choice in men must suck (as in not being very good).

      • ntt1

        absolutely, and they let a shinning example like me get away.:) Actually they admitted to voting for his overall attractiveness which, you are right, throws their judgmental skills into question. apparently harpers hair scared one of them…

    • WalterBannon

      voting for him based on what their lady parts told them

      billy is right, take their vote away

      • Surele Surele

        I bet they wish there was a ‘pill after’ for this. I would add, that all men who voted for Trudeau with their lady parts should be stripped of their voting rights as well.

  • simus1

    So he’s not in the mold of those wealthy dollar a year businessmen saints in WW2 who lost huge opportunities for making fortunes fulfilling war contracts? The ones who choose instead to proudly serve their fellow citizens in vital government posts?

  • ontario john

    But what about his socks? Doesn’t anybody care what socks he is wearing today? And what happened to that contest in the media on who has the nicest hair. Trudeau or the commie NDP leader. Canadians know what is important.

    • Bataviawillem

      Today he was wearing his “destroy the middle class socks”

      • Linda1000

        You might want to tighten the buckles on your snazzy little red boots because he’ll likely try to steal them next.

  • Linda1000

    And here are some more tears. Love the comment “We are less a country with you as leader.”

    • ontario john

      Strange, Trudeau never shows tears at Remembrance Day services. I think Wynne’s statement was most over the top though. She stated that the hearts of all Ontarians are heart broken at the death of Gord Downie.

  • Watchman

    Trudeau: “We lost one of the very best of us this morning. Gord was my friend. Gord was everyone’s friend.”
    I have to say I wish Gord had been a bit more discriminating and objective.

    Don’t you get the feeling from Trudeau’s quote that Trudeau feels he is talking to an audience of seven year olds with the sophistication and complexity of his language? I feel that shows his underlying contempt for the public in talking down to us.

    • Is that fruit still crying over Gord Downie? Really?

      Film Actors Guild.

      • ontario john

        I almost puked on my cat when I saw Trudeau crying on TV.

      • DMB

        I also found it equally revolting involving the MSM coverage of his death. It was almost non stop coverage were they portrayed Canadians mourning the Death of Gord Downie. Justin was in full drama queen mode. All of this reminded me of North Korean state media showing mass weaping of the death of Kim Jong il.

        • Alain

          Guess I am the odd one out here, because I never heard of Good Downie before now and really could care less.

        • But these are genuine “fear tears”.

    • shasta

      audience of seven year olds

      It isn’t the audience that is seven years old.

    • Shebel

      You are such a FAKE— Justin.

  • Shebel

    I wonder if Sophie will cataurwal at the Funeral ?