Tommy Robinson interview: ‘The elite are clearly in the process of Islamizing the West.’

Tommy Robinson is a journalist for The Rebel Media and the author of an autobiography, called “Enemy of the State”. We interview him about his new book: “Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam”, co-authored by Peter McLoughlin.

  • Brett_McS

    I don’t disagree with Tommy, but I don’t think Islam itself is anything more in the minds of the elite than a means to an end. The end being to wipe out the middle class.

    They want to do this so that a yawning gap is created between the elite and the rest of society. In this way the elites can never be challenged. No having to ward off economic challenges from talented and energetic upstarts with enough money to start a new business. No having their ideas and opinions questioned by intelligent people with enough leisure to study and think.

    By contrast to the middle classes, the peon class hasn’t the money or the time to challenge the elite economically or intellectually. They are fully engaged in just eking out a living.

    So the elites desire an easy life free of challenges and the potential for losing their positions. The main way they do this is by subverting the system in which we are all each other’s customers and must strive to remain competitive – which means that we, and the (current) elites, are always open to challenges from others. The amount of churn between upper and lower classes is a good indicator of how healthy that system is.

    • I can always spot intelligent people because they have the same opinions I do. 😉

    • occupant 9

      You’re not taking into account the goals of Muhammadism as if there are none, and they are but pawns for “greater powers”. They have big plans that are ultimately independent and ancient, and are not shy on changing the names of great cities like Constantinople Istanbul. Muhammadans have agency and disproportionate influence in our lands and are only “a means to an end” as far as our nose extends … which we, as a nation, are eager to cut off to spite our descendants.

      What we’re experiencing is the Hijrah, Islamic immigration for the expansion of Muhammad’s creed. It is a sacred act that obligates Allah to provide a spot in his SkyBrothel; jihad is the other method of Allah committing the “martyr” a place.

      We won’t get to a place where the middle class is gone without periods of ultra-violence and roaming gangs of Muhammadan looters and rapists enriching our neighbourhoods. See Europe for what comes first.

      And then, or while the above is happening, we’re being replaced by a ideologically superior breeding imperative that doesn’t murder their own babies. Instead, they murder “disobedient” women, gays and apostates, ironically representative of the makeup of some of the very groups that currently sets the policy allowing Muhammadans in and insists they don’t go changing to try and please them, which they won’t … and wouldn’t honestly anyhow.

      There’s no way any of this would be happening IF the elite didn’t desire it. However it is happening, it is now a matter of a policy to encourage mass numbers of a hostile culture to invade and replace us. It is simply sedition at the highest levels which is somehow only a crime* to oppose.

      *Thought crime at present, actual crime with M103’s intended trajectory.

      • Brett_McS

        It’s the elites who think they can control Mohammedans.