TDSB Islamic guidebook sparks protests Wednesday

Dueling protests over a controversial 170-page Islamic Heritage Month guidebook are planned for the Toronto District School board’s North York headquarters Wednesday afternoon.

Jewish Defence League (JDL) head Meir Weinstein said Tuesday they are expecting a “good turnout” — up to 100 people — to protest the guide’s links to radical Islam.

He referred specifically to links to the Islamophobic Research and Documentation project (IRDP) contained in Section 5 under “curriculum study and guides.”

That link includes the following article — Human Rights and Anti-Semitism after GAZA — in which Zionism is identified as “a racist, apartheid, settler colonialist project resorting to ethnic cleansing and Nazi-like atrocities.”

  • ontario john

    ISLAMOPHOBIA IS RUNNING RAMPANT ACROSS CANADA!! Its a good thing we have little Justin to protect our new state religion. I hope Premier Wynne shows up in her famous muslim outfit to counter the protestors.

    • Liberal Progressive

      Are such protests permitted in an Muslim country like Canada?

  • Waffle

    On the positive side, nobody reads anymore much less follows links. However once the evil genie of antisemitism has been allowed to escape his bottle, he’s awfully hard to stuff back in.

  • Why is there an Islamic Heritage Month?

    • shasta

      To celebrate a 6th century warlord, much like we celebrate Mongol heritage month to honour Genghis Khan a 12th century warlord. Soon we will have Nazi heritage month to celebrate a 20th century warlord.