Oh get BENT! Joy Behar says comedians shouldn’t be attacked because they’re ‘important people’

Joy wants us all to know how important she is folks.

And she wonders why we ‘attack’ so-called comedians like her. What an incredibly elitist attitude, that we little people shouldn’t hold them accountable because they’re supposedly funny.

Maybe if they’d actually focus less on lecturing Americans and more on just being telling jokes? Looking at you, Jimmy and Kathy.

  • BillyHW

    If you believe women should be allowed to vote you are ridiculous.

  • Ed

    I’m still stuck on the “she’s a comedian” part…

    • Justin St.Denis

      That one always stops me dead in my tracks, too. Behar is shrill, stupid, whiny, obtuse, corrupt, superficial and loud-mouthed, but when precisely was she ever funny? Nobody has ever provided a clip of Behar the Comedian, to my knowledge.

      • Yaacov ben Moshe

        Here are some clues for Joy and her friends:
        #1 If you are important, you do not have to tell anyone that you are.
        #1a If you are funny, you don’t have to be “important” if you are not funny you are just impotent- thats without the “r”
        #2 If you are a crass, ignoramus whose chief sphere of influence is among daytime TV viewers (ie shut-ins, invalids, welfare spongers, unemployables and layabouts) you should try to keep in mind that while playing to that audience, some of what you say will leak out to people with actual lives and brains and you will be exposed to ridicule.

        • Surele Surele

          this is one of the reasons we do not have a TV. Had the questionable pleasure to catch snippets of this non-show when visiting friends.

      • Surele Surele

        Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. No.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Wow, someone’s a little high on herself.

  • ontario john

    But please remember. The entertainment industry is the moral conscience of North America. And terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Joy Behar is a soulless imbecile.

  • mauser 98
  • robins111

    Joy, you’re not funny, which is a perquisite for being a comedian. Point of fact, you’re more akin to an open festering sore on the ass of humanity.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I see no comedians. Sorry, Joy.

  • Linda1000

    Who cares what any of the deplorable hosers on the “stitch and bitch” show say. Behar must be suffering from “mental pause” by now. The View has to be one of the most irritating shows on TV these days.

  • irishrus

    Headline proves she is a comedian alright….

  • WildWelshWoman

    She’s a comedian? I had no idea! I thought she was some screwed up, mindless moron who bullied her way onto The View.

    • WildWelshWoman

      It’s ironic that she’s named Joy because that’s the opposite of what she brings people!

  • Nermal

    A judge in New Zealand dismissed a charge of indecent assault on a minor, by a “comedian”, one of the reasons being that he made people laugh. Fortunately it was overturned on appeal.