New sports hijabs hit the hardwood at Winnipeg high school

Two Muslim high school students are sidelining controversy with an innovative addition to their school basketball uniforms — sports hijabs complete with their team logo.

  • ontario john

    Another victory for Western feminism. It is to be hoped that a male relative drives them to the games, and speaks for them.

  • jayme

    As long as they’ve had their FGM, it’s alright. Oh, and no bare leg, of course ….

  • mobuyus

    She is expropriating my culture with that Crusader emblem on the her hijab!

  • Watchman

    I’m sure it’s just her long hair coifed up that gives that female that strange shape to her head, but here’s some information on elongated head shapes around the world.

    If that was her head shape we might see the results of marrying your first cousin for a very long time. A family tree that looks like a braided hibiscus plant is probably not good for your genes.

  • tom_billesley

    The “lancer” is riding side-saddle. How inclusive.

  • ontario john

    When will Canadians realize that Islam is our future? Just submit, and have a good time admiring Trudeau’s funny socks.

    • What Canadian city will become the first Beirut of Canada?

  • Brett_McS

    My limited understanding on the topic is that black women, especially, have a real thing about their hair. It’s their pride and joy. If so, I can see there being some resistance to covering it up.

    • mobuyus

      They hate their hair but love their wigs and hair extensions.

  • Dana Garcia

    I don’t understand how an infidel invention like basketball can be acceptable to the Special tribe.

    Don’t they know that dunks represent the superiority of the West over backward islam?

  • irishrus

    Better off with the regular pall over her face… this one makes them look like the goonies in Popeye cartoons

  • glasnost

    Another fine example of politicizing sports.