Christie Blatchford: McGuinty’s statement on gas plants was untrue, key witness tells trial

In his exquisitely even-handed manner and in his usual careful language, Ontario’s former top public servant called the former Ontario premier a big fat liar

  • deplorabledave

    It’s only one thousand million dollars.

    • Is that all?

      • deplorabledave

        A mere trifle, ask wynne.

  • simus1

    GLLKDW, Dullard McNulty, PCO VWs, NDP VWs.
    A truly all star cast of truly irresponsible _______s .

    • It’s a SpectacuWhore!

      • simus1

        Zounds! I am completely undone!

  • Liberal Progressive

    That is offensive to call them “untrue” when they were merely Liberally truthful.

  • bob e

    they look marvelous in their splendid uniforms ..

  • Does any of this mean that McGuinty will be in prison?