Banlieues and Bombs

…Kepel’s book is not just a study of the ideology and tactics of Islamists, but a socio-political overview of how this disturbing phenomenon fits within a country on the brink. For example, Kepel finds that jihadism is emerging in conjunction with developments such as the “end of industrial society.” A downturn in work has led to an ominous situation in which a “right-wing ethnic nationalism” preying on the economically anxious has risen alongside Islamism as “parallel conduits for expressing grievances.” Filling a space left by the French Communist Party (which once brought the ethnic French working class and Arab immigrants together), these two extremes leer at each other from opposite sides of a societal chasm, signalling the potentially cataclysmic future that awaits France if both mass unemployment and Islamist terror continue undiminished.

  • deplorabledave

    open the fire hydrant

  • Shebel

    Is there anyone here from Los Vegas ?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Maybe this is the best France that France can be. 16th Century Spain and Portugal were world powers. 17th century Holland was the Silicon Valley and Wall st of its age. 17th century France ruled most of Europe. The British Royal Navy’s motto used to be ‘Make The World British’. At the end of WW2, 750 million people lived under the Union Jack.

    Well those days are long gone. Maybe this is the France France wants and needs to be.