Alleged PC “Leader” Patrick Brown shuts down his party’s social conservatives

Miffed and Peeved.

TORONTO – Ontario’s Conservative Party has become embroiled in a spat over whether its party leader should veto grass-roots policy.

Jim Karahalios, a Cambridge PC party activist, along with Kara Johnson, a PC party member from Ottawa, have accused their executive of violating the party’s constitution.

“The leader has no such power,” Karahalios said in a letter sent to the Ontario PC Party executive on Tuesday. “We are stupefied that the executive believes it can adopt such an anti-democratic rule, let alone purport to do so.

  • Ed


    • It seems impossible for anyone to lose to Kathleen Wynne next election but I have faith in Patrick.

      • Linda1000

        Well, if he puts on a bigger pout, that might do the trick. I just don’t see GTA voters and the Ottawa area losing their Liberal love for Wynne and doesnt the GTA control the vote in ON?

        • The Public Service Unions and their allied rent-seekers control the vote in Ontario and most happen to reside in urban centres. Brown will promise the unions that nothing will change under his regime should he win and it won’t. He will allow them to financially rape us to support their lifestyles just as Wynne has done.

      • irishrus

        Said in Winston Churchill fashion,,, “Social conservatives will neva ….Will NEVA sell their souls to be Patrick Clown’s bitch!”

      • Bla Bla

        LOL – agreed. At least where I am I can vote for the Trillium party…

    • DaninVan

      Speaks volumes. Can’t add anything to your comment.
      (I should say however that pose in the pic is hilarious; he should sue the photographer…)

    • disqusW6sf


  • canminuteman

    I am not really a social conservative. Although I try to live by those principals in my life, I don’t think it is my responsibility to try and make others do the same. If they want to go to hell in a hand basket, that’s their call. I believe that if you get rid of the leftist state and force people to live as functioning adults without the teat of the state to suckle on, social conservatism will naturally follow. Any other way of life would be suicidal. As Margaret Thatcher stated “the facts of life are conservative”.

    And I am still unlikely to vote for someone who believes in global warming and carbon taxes.

    • Patrick Brown is a proven liar, I have no desire to vote for someone like that.

  • mauser 98
  • moraywatson

    Downtown Brown has cuckservative values. I am not going to be voting for the Ontario PC’s in the coming election.

    • jayme

      Me neither; Brown needs to be turfed for the sake of conservatives in this province. I’ll consider the Trillium Party and the Christian Heritage Party.

    • I won’t either.

  • mauser 98
  • CodexCoder

    Brown parachuted a candidate into the Cambridge riding from Alberta – a dentist with a practice in Airdrie. She was renting accommodations from a local resident for less than a month before appearing on the ballot. Yes, Brown is very much in the stream of Wynne and McGuinty – whatever it takes, right or wrong (mostly the latter) to win.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Lesbians, lesbians, as far as the eye can see…