US, South Korea Developing New War Plan To Finish Off North Korea In Under A Month

The new strategic plans are intended to secure victory for the allies in the shortest possible time while minimizing casualties. The plan involves “incapacitating core targets early on” while going on the offensive and striking deep into North Korean territory, according to a Yonhap News Agency report.

  • Bla Bla

    Call me old fashioned and such – but shouldn’t plans be secret?

    • shasta

      Their previous plans were stolen so they thought they may as well save the North the trouble.

    • Ho Hum

      Probably a psyop intended to scare Kim Jun Un into thinking an attack is immanent.

  • This sounds like more of the same-old.

    North Korea has be brought down from within. Military force should be used in retaliation.

    Furthermore, there have to be plans in place to make sure that China does not get the upper-hand.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Use them.
    Not one American life is worth anything in North Korea.

    • Ho Hum

      There are 30,000 US troops in the DMZ – 1,000’s of them will be killed if the US preemptively strikes North Korea.

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        Not if we evacuate the entire peninsula first. Then the two Koreas can do what they wish to one another.
        No more American lives for South Korea, or for anyone else, anywhere else.
        Let China know that if they interfere on behalf of the North they get a trade war with the west and their U.S. debt repudiated.
        I believe they love money too much to cross us on that one, but we will see.
        In any event, we owe nobody a thing in that part of the world and I’d like us disengaged.

        • Ho Hum

          I agree that they should evacuate all American soldiers – I don’t understand why they are still there after these many decades. An evacuation is never going to happen – not even under Trump despite his “America First” mantra. If Trump preemptively strikes NK 10,000’s of American’s will die within 24 hours and the US will be engaged in WW3 with China.

          • If the US strikes hard enough and fast enough, they should succeed w/o casualties. If they hee and haw and strike halfheartedly, it will result in many casualties on allied side.

        • This war has always been between the US and China. That is why things are complicated.

    • Bunker blaster bombs should suffice, if many used. We saw what they can do a few months ago in Afghanistan.

    • All one needs to do is kill Kim and the rest of his family.

      The North Koreans don’t like him anymore than you do.

  • Barrington Minge

    Suck it up fat Boy Kim. Coming to get ya!!!

  • It won’t take a month to take down the Kim regime. A few days at most. It is a paper tiger, a small dog that barks a lot at bigger dogs. It will fall apart as soon as pushed.

  • canminuteman

    If South Korean and American forces decided to take over North Korea, it would be as one sided a battle as the Gulf Wars. I would support the operation from a military perspective, I just don’t know how the political side of it would work out. North Korea will collapse eventually. How, and when and what the aftermath of that would be are anyone’s guess. A reunited Korea may or may not ever happen. I am a bit rusty on the history but I don’t believe there has ever been a united Korean nation under their own government.

    Korea was a Japanese colony for a long time before WW11. Americans ended up in Korea because shortly before WW11 ended the Russians declared war on Japan and attacked and occupied the northern half of Korea. When Japan surrendered, American troops occupied south Korea to disarm the Japanese forces there and the Soviet Union occupied North Korea. Communists took control of North Korea and attacked the south in 1950. Before Japanese occupation of Korea I believe it was a Chinese vassal state. Japan got it in about 1900 because China was too weak to hold on to it.

    To make a long story longer, it’s anyone’s guess what would happen if there were a military attempt to change the situation in Korea.

  • Rez Zircon

    Watch video of Fatboy Kim and his military toadies — pay attention to their body language. The military are all either True Believers, or scared to death of him. My estimation is that if this escalates, the True Believers will defend Kim to the bitter end, but the scared ones will become carefully incompetent, or even turn on Kim if they see a real hope of getting rid of him.