Transgender activist says AFL was RIGHT to block 100kg player who used to be a man from joining the women’s league

A transgender activist believes the AFL were right in blocking a transgender woman from playing women’s league.

Kirsti Miller backed the AFL’s decision to block Hannah Mouncey from playing in the AFLW, calling it the ‘best judgement call’.

  • This guy is more than twice my weight. I suspect many women are in the same boat.

    There are sports injuries and then there are massacres.

    • Bregh

      “Big Tranny” seems a particularly apt blog tag.

    • The world is insane.

      • Watchman

        Just part of the ongoing Progressives’ plan to destroy every aspect of our culture, morals, and ethics. Seems to be quite successful too.

      • laja kurc

        People like this need to be locked up for their own safety. “She” looks like a full back who has obviously not taken enough estrogen.

      • Insane?

        Also, physically painful.

  • DMB
    • WalterBannon

      merkel was an alternate on that team…

  • Cat-astrophe

    Allison Tranny.

    • Slickfoot

      One of the 16 speed models they put in Peterbilts.

  • Hard Little Machine

    But the naked towel fights in the shower would have been awesome