Tina Brown Explains How the Narrative Cake Is Baked

In the New York Times, Tina Brown, who quit as editor of the New Yorker in the late 1990s to edit a start-up glossy magazine backed by Harvey Weinstein called Talk, explains a little about how The Narrative cake is baked:

Harvey spent most of the hours of his working day ensuring that all the bad stories went away, killed, evaporated, spun into something diametrically its opposite. It was a common sight outside a Harvey opening party to see one of his publicists trapped in a car on the phone, spinning — spinning the dross of some new outrage into gold.

When I founded Talk magazine in 1998 with Miramax, the movie company Harvey founded with his brother Bob, I also took over the running of their fledgling book company with Jonathan Burnham as editor in chief. Strange contracts pre-dating us would suddenly surface, book deals with no deadline attached authored by attractive or nearly famous women, one I recall was by the stewardess on a private plane. It was startling — and professionally mortifying — to discover how many hacks writing gossip columns or entertainment coverage were on the Miramax payroll with a “consultancy” or a “development deal” (one even at The New York Times).

Harvey engaged sexual harassment’s legal bulldog, Lisa Bloom, she who brought down Bill O’Reilly and recently appeared on the stage of Women in the World’s Canada Summit as thrilling feminist avenger. Then, it emerged The Weinstein Company bought Bloom’s book on Trayvon Martin for a movie — classic Harvey M.O…

It’s interesting to speculate what percentage of tendentious liberal media projects exist mainly to pay off insiders who know too much. On top of that, what percentage of the projects that never come fully to fruition but for which somebody got […sic…] are, basically, bribes/rewards for staying on Team Liberal despite learning about your teammates?

  • David Murrell

    Good essay from V Dare, starting a discussion about the corruption controlling liberal Hollywood. Few conservatives have written about the incredible corruption in the Obama administration (Michelle Malkin is an exception). The corruption in Hollywood is even worse, if that is possible.

  • simus1

    Suppose it is considered somewhat more elegant when the crude POS is a billionaire and is offering an internship on “Team Weinstein” post sexual assault/ rape.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Didn’t that Obama crackhead girl get a job with him?

  • Hard Little Machine

    So basically you’re saying that no one is ever audited for anything. Contracts spending money on god knows what for god knows who and no one bats an eye. Ok good to know.

    • The Buddhist Butterfly

      Hollywood works by different rules.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    When you take money for it and you don’t call the police, I think the word for it is prostitution, and not rape. But what do I know, I’m just a butterfly.

    • Speaking on behalf of Moos-leeeems, I find it extremely offensive that you identify your butterfly ass as Buddhist. In our tolerant and multicultural age, you should understand that vibrant Islamists are offended by such expressions of najis polytheism. Adjust yourself accordingly.

      • The Buddhist Butterfly

        The mooslims can kiss by butterfly butt.

  • One thing about Tina Brown’s article – which is well worth a read – is how she, twice, including in the last sentence, brings Trump into to this.

    Because, obviously, an article about how aggressive leftist (and aggressive rapist) Harvey Weinstein got away with assaulting vulnerable women for decades has to somehow tie in to Trump.

    It’s almost surreal at this point.

    • Waffle

      The filth doesn’t wash off—- evah!

    • LauraS

      I noticed that about the original article on Weinstein by Ronan Farrow. A quote from his piece: “Their disclosures follow in the wake of stories alleging sexual misconduct by public figures, including Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, and Bill Cosby.” No mention of Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, or any other sleazy, high profile Democrats. These “journalists” are always, ALWAYS leftists first and foremost. Pathetic.

  • xavier

    Interesting. So many leads so; so much to do. I find Weinstein’s publishing arm to be a very interesting lead to investigate.

    Get a grand jury and start with Tina Brown. Pour over the contract: get investigators from the SEC

    . I suspect looking at that micro company will start the unraveling of Hollywood as there’ll be indictments. It’ll be minor crimes that snowball due to flipping

  • Millie_Woods

    It’s amazing how many of Harvey’s old friends and associates are turning on him, even people he bankrolled, like Tina Brown. Hollywood used to have the Rat Pack. Now it’s just got rats.