THOUGHT POLICE: CBC News Lectures Canadians About Halloween On Twitter

Canadians don’t choose to give our money to CBC. It gets taken through our tax dollars whether we like it or not. That makes CBC a government service, and government services are supposed to be applied in a neutral, non-partisan way.

Unfortunately, we all know that CBC is often used by the far-left to push their politically correct agenda, and attempt to shape the opinions of Canadians to a specific set of elitist and globalist ideas, instead of reflect the true views of the Canadian people.

  • Marius K

    You dress as CBC and scare the hell out of children.

  • Watchman

    Wait, this is new for CBC: They have just said they are against terrorists wandering the street on Halloween. I guess it makes sense since not everyone can afford to put up bollards in front of their house to protect the ‘trick or treaters’ from being run down by a car, then carved up by someone screaming “Allahu Akbar”.

    Oh, maybe I got that wrong after all. Maybe CBC means that you shouldn’t wear a MAGA hat or a Trump mask on that night. That would fit in better with the CBC demonstrated ideology. I’m pretty sure they probably consider Trump and his voters extremist right wing, as none of their friends would vote for Trump or even know someone that would.

  • Liberal Progressive

    It is necessary for the CBC to mould public opinion so people think only the correct things and to ensure there is always a Liberal government in the House of Commons.

  • marty_p

    This is the beginning of the end of Halloween. We are all aware that the favourite religion of the Toronto Star, the Liberal Party and the CBC doesn’t celebrate Halloween. Next step is to not only suggest/restrict costumes but to ban it altogether.

    • jayme

      Yes, I think that’s right. And yet we take it all with a smile, like good docile sheep. Canadians really have become pathetic little dhimmis, by and large (and yes, I do include myself). Very few stand up to this shit; very few.

  • simus1

    Halloween is well past its “sell by” date for normal children and adults in normal communities. Let it go.

  • jayme

    Slightly OT, but only slightly: found this last night – Nigel Farage’s take on the MSM and their inability to see that they speak for a minority of people in their respective countries (especially true of the Ceeb and the Swedish media, say):

  • Halloween is fun. Dressing up as a cheap floozy or Ahmed from math class’ dad nullifies that.

    Just saying.