The Islam “over there” is not magically different than the “Islam” our government deliberately imports

Pakistani Police Beat Christian Student to Death in Latest Sectarian Lynching

Pakistan remains a top source of immigration to Canada, as it has done so since at least 2001.  There is no Islamic state that does not persecute its religious and ethnic minorities. Violent supremacism is hard wired into Islam so why does our government insist on importing it?

In 2015 permanent residence status was granted to 214,089 people from the top 30 source nations, 28% of those came from Muslim majority states. Why? To fuel the mass immigration Ponzi scheme that benefits our corporate and political class? To remake Canada to resemble what exactly, the “multicultural” wish-dream of our virtue signaling class? Even a casual reading of world news reveals that Islam does not play well with others – anywhere.  Islam will not change to suit Canada but then those who insist on importing it won’t be the ones paying the price of admission.

Just an FYI; you’ll be called a racist by your government just for reading this post. They didn’t dream up M103 for nothin.


Permanent residents by the top 30 source countries to Canada in 2015. Source.

Above Data in Xcel format – Permanent resident immigration Islamic states Canada 2015 Top 30


And of course it’s not as if it’s a trend or anything…

Source data

  • irishrus

    Need to shout that title from the rooftops (while there’s still room up there from rooster chanters)

    • Yes we do.

      • Linda1000

        What a joke – our idiot politicians actually think Islam is going to magically change as soon as it arrives in Canada.

        • kirby

          Our idiot politicians have converted.

  • WalterBannon

    Canada’s government is racist and genocidal.

    They hate white ethnic Europeans and are ethnically cleansing Canada of them with their immigration and “diversity” policies.

  • Culture matters.

  • P_F

    These scary figures are from 2015, before turdo libtards took over, just imagine the numbers for 107 or coming 2018.
    I am sure more mohammedans are pouring into Canada from countries like Philippines & India (even USA, UK & France) where they’ve large native muslim population.