Orhan is a Turkish given name for males. Yiğit is a Turkish name, pronounced as ‘Yee-it’.

Police support officer ‘raped domestic abuse victim and demanded sexual favours in return for helping her escape her marriage’

Orhan Yigit, 44, paraded naked in front of a victim of domestic violence, asked her for sexual favours in return for help to escape her marriage and forced her into a sex act on the marital bed, a jury was told.

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    Looking far into the future, I find myself at a hotly contested debate where both sides are in top form and the odds constantly change:
    Finally a fair to all compromise is agreed on. Pope Evita Bergoglio will be elevated to sainthood of the lowest class and he will be the patron saint of muslims and virtue signalling eco morons. Everyone agrees his miracle of becoming pope is sufficient.

  • Muslims have a very different frame of mind and set of values than Westerners. To Muslims, no need to be fair, no need to respect women, no need to help victims, etc. All weak segments of society are there to be exploited at will. So long as Westerners do not understand this radical chasm between us, they will imagine that Muslims can become Westerners and allow them to come in and take over.