Malala Yousafzai targeted by fellow Muslims for ‘wearing skinny jeans and high heels’ instead of traditional Islamic dress

One vitriolic message posted on Twitter and re-published in the Pakistani media said: ‘That was the reason the bullet directly targeted her head long time ago.’

Another hateful message said: ‘Look at hypocrite Malala wearing pants! Is she even a Muslim?’

A third said: ‘Want a nobel prize and getting admission into Oxford University? Step 1: get shot… so much for women rights advocacy lol.’

  • FivePointSpurgeonist

    I can’t stand the little Marxist and think she’s got way too much clout in the West. However, she makes Muslims mad and that’s okay.

    • She has no clout. She is a virtue signaling prop for the Liberal-Left. Perversely they wave her about on a stick when they want to condemn critics of Islam as bigots by pointing out her singular accomplishment of being shot in the face by members of the same religion they claim to be tolerant and peaceful.

      • FivePointSpurgeonist

        Sorry, maybe clout is the wrong word. Cachet, maybe? She spends too much time in Western print and video in order to beat us over the head; on that we agree completely.

  • simus1

    malala got a Nobel Peace Prize from a bunch of Scandinavian communists for “fighting for education” for Dumpsterstani girls and getting an assassin’s bullet
    for her pains.
    ex Emperor Barry got one as well immediately on his accession to power for doing even less than malala.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I hope Malala now observes the perversity and hypocrisy of her fellow country men and co-cultists. They still want her dead and for the slimmest of reasons (jeans).