Jail for graffiti, but not for rape: Canadian courts side with Islam

We learn from the law. What’s acceptable, what’s not. That’s why courts are open to the public; that’s why court cases are published.

And this is Canadian justice in 2017.

  • ontario john

    And the Toronto Star this morning, has a simple solution regarding terrorism. Simply stop using the word, and certainly stop using it in regards to Islam. We should also get rid of all terrorism laws. This because white Christians are also running rampant across Canada, committing acts of terrorism.

    • BillyHW

      Maybe if they just stop reporting on acts of terrorism, they will all just go away.

    • ‘Involuntary nullification”.

  • BillyHW

    Is this the first ever case of someone going to jail for graffiti? Is this the first time the Left has considered graffiti to be anything but art and free speech?

  • Chris

    There has to be more to the story than this. It is so preposterous it makes the assault charge I received last year (ruining a perfectly clear record) for approaching someone in a threatening and aggressive manner seem almost sane.

    • canminuteman

      I think the ” more to the story” is that the judge was a Muslim in the graffiti case. I think if the guy had the money to appeal the sentence would be reduced, assuming an appeal court had the guts to overturn the decision of one of our new overlords.

  • mauser 98

    amazing what the police , courts find and cannot find

  • Hard Little Machine

    I love it. We have a few million Muslims who I am sure would be happier with you. Please pick them up.

  • Literally Hitler

    Especially wrong because its obvious the bench was just asking for it with that fresh coat of paint and all. Why didn’t the judge lock up the bench for being such a temptress?

  • k1992

    The esteemed pm tells us that there are no core values to our society, that it was founded on exploitation and oppression, that (non-muslim) Canadians have nothing to be proud of in their traditions and values, and should in fact be ashamed. And then is surprised when the 150 “celebrations” largely flop. Well, I am ashamed, actually – ashamed of what this country has become under progressives and marxists and muslims.

  • simus1

    The law and all connected to it are not your friend. Do not be taken in by the rare well publicized miracles when justice is eventually dispensed.

  • ontario john

    But imams in Toronto mosques can preach death to the filthy Jews and Christians, and no one in charged.

  • Liberal Progressive

    That’s a specious argument.

    Offending Islam is a crime under Sharia Law and rape usually isn’t.

    After all we are a Muslim country now.

  • irishrus

    Public square …. sincere belief…. free speech … no incitement ….. no hate…..honest.immigration request?? And the problem is exactly??

  • because in Islamist societies, rape is acceptable but dissent is not.

  • Alain

    He is a political prisoner for committing a crime against state enforced sharia.