ISIS caliphate ‘capital’ in Raqqa falls after last jihadists surrender

US-backed Syrian forces liberated the city of Raqqa from Isil militants on Tuesday, a senior commander for the force said, adding that clearing operations were underway to remove land mines left behind and search for the extremist group’s sleeper cells.

Brig. Gen. Talal Sillo told The Associated Press that there are no longer clashes in the city, which had served as the extremist group’s headquarters and self-proclaimed capital of their so-called “caliphate” for more than three years.

A formal declaration will be made from the city soon, after the clearing operations end. Raqqa is still full of land mines, Sillo added, but fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces are now in control of the former “capital of terrorism.”

  • tom_billesley

    They let them surrender? Big mistake.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And now what? What to do with thousands of insane blood drinking head severing psychotic cannibals? Work at the post office?

    • Drive school buses.


      • DaninVan

        Uber drivers…in Canada

        • Oh, no.

          People like that don’t work. They get pay-outs.

          Expect this in the near future.

          “I killed people for ISIS and all I got was this lousy t-shirt and a pay-out.”

    • gxp01

      nah they are going to apply as “asylum seekers” to Western countries who have a soft spot for these animals.

  • ntt1

    Isis and a small army of wives is now relocated into Europe and receiving generous benefits.
    once they are rested up it will be jihad as usual.

    • tom_billesley

      MI5 boss warns Britain is facing most severe terror threat ever with more attacks ‘inevitable’

      “We’ve seen a dramatic up-shift in threat this year,” Mr Parker said in a speech in central London. “Today there is more terrorist activity, it’s coming at us more quickly and it can be harder to detect.”

      Twenty plots have been foiled over the past four years, including seven in the last seven months.
      Security services and police are operating at a scale which is ‘greater than ever before’, with well over 500 live operations involving around 3,000 individuals.

      Agencies must also assess the risk posed by those returning from Syria and Iraq, and the ‘growing pool’ of more than 20,000 people looked at as part of previous terror investigations.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        It’s a wonder he hasn’t been fired for saying such lies about the muslimes.

  • simus1

    At least the US has one less side to pay now. Wonder who has dibs on all the gently used Texas built Toyota technicals that always seemed to wind in up in Raqqa no matter which “pro American, full democracy supporting irregular forces they were gifted to?

  • gxp01

    boo-hoo wait 2-3yrs. and a new islam-extremists are going to emerge. These countries are doomed to have wars and terrorism because of the kind of people and politics that’s been breeding on that continent.