High hydro rates killed Ontario jobs: Study

TORONTO – Soaring electricity prices resulted in 75,000 fewer manufacturing jobs for Ontarians since the recession, a new report says.

Rising Electricity Costs and Declining Employment in Ontario’s Manufacturing Sector — a report prepared by Ross McKitrick and Elmira Aliakbari of the Fraser Institute — says the provincial government’s hydro policies are to blame for the disproportionately high prices and lost jobs.

  • Chris

    Well DUH!!!! What incredible discovery are they going to reveal next? Water is wet?

  • simus1

    “Rising electricity costs” is an incorrect discription.of the Ontario condition.
    Vote Whores accommodating rent seekers thievery under a thin coat of eco mumbo jumbo is more accurate.

  • WalterBannon

    crooked liberal douches

    soon we will not be able to afford to turn the streetlights on

    but never fear, there is another use for lamp posts and I offer to pay for the rope for hanging politicians from them…