A Tale of Two Leaders: Trudeau versus Trump

The contrast couldn’t be more telling. Last November, voters elected a Hemingway man as president. Hemingway, as in Ernest. You know, the great 20th Century writer who glorified masculinity: big game hunting, deep-sea fishing, bullfighting, war. Testosterone comes standard with males, and Hemingway never apologized for it. Why should he have? That’s like saying sorry for having two feet.

Up north, Canadians elected a party to govern — the Liberals — led by a Trump antithesis. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is everything that Trump isn’t — oh, and proud of it. He declares himself a feminist. Says he’s raising his boys to be feminists.

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  • robins111

    I was thinking earlier this week that whats going on in Europe and its shift to the right/populist that the spawn would be turfed the next go around. Then the municipal elections in Calgary quickly changed my mind, and I remembered I was in Canada, where stupidity is born.

    • Linda1000

      Group think and block voting is the norm in Canada now. Why bother with individual ballots anymore.
      About 6 or 7+ years ago, a new Walmart mega store was opened in NE Calgary. It was really nice. I went back to see the place a couple of weeks ago and it has turned into a dirty, messy, shithole with rude people walking right into others. Broken merchandise on the shelves, goods thrown on the floor in the isles. Canada’s future in about ten years.

      • Clink9

        Sounds like the Scarborough Town Centre Walmart.

        You’d never see a downtown liberal shopping there but they sure voted for this horseshit.

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  • So when exactly did Justin Trudeau become a feminist? And when exactly was he deceived into thinking that just because he became a feminist, he has the right to FORCE all other Canadians to become feminists? Or to force them to be supporters of Gay marriage? Or supporters of abortion? Or supporters of Trannyism? Or supporters of Anthropogenic Global Warming theory? Or supporters of Islamic Sharia Law? Or supporters of unfettered immigration / migration / mass relocation? Or supporters of Global Governance and the elimination of National boundaries and National Sovereignty?

    All of the above are personal choices of Justin, and he has zero authority to enforce them on the rest of Canada. Less than 5 or 10 years ago absolutely NO POLITICIAN (Left, Right, or Centre) believed in the enforcement of Gay marriage, Trannyism, Sharia Law, Global Governance, etc. Just because Politicians suddenly changed their minds on these issues and decided to enforceembrace them, what right do they have to legislate that all Canadians therefore must also change their minds on these issues? How can it suddenly be a crime to be at variance with these issues when it was never a crime before?

    Unless of course Justin believes that fascist ideology is the basis upon which the Canadian Government is supposed to function.

    • Just as Harvey Weinstein is a “feminist”. He gave money to Planned Parenthood. Justin supports abortion. He abused women. Justin elbows ladies in the chest and supports anti-woman regimes.

      THERE is a feminist.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      His old man was a closet facist, it’s just genetics, and brain washing.

  • This sad, little fruit can do no less. He is not a politician. He is not even a serious man. He is nothing. If he doesn’t get his aides to give him false substance, this vain little squirt will vanish.

  • ontario john

    But isn’t everyone excited who has the nicest hair? Feminist Trudeau or the communist Sikh. The media certainly is.

  • Krista Kay

    Please leave comments directly on Trudeau Jr’s profile:


  • JoKeR

    The future for Justin’s feminist boys….

  • shasta

    Canada – “a world class chump at the helm” – I loved that line.

  • Old Guy

    Could there be a reprieve before the next election?

    The Last Prime Minister