White Widow forced her son to behead goats

JoJo was an odd little boy…

White Widow Sally Jones dragged her son to join ISIS where she forced him to behead goats as preparation for executing prisoners.

Sources close to the family have revealed how the terrorist’s son, Jojo, was brainwashed into becoming a jihadi before his mother took him to ISIS camps in the Middle East in 2013.

She died in a US airstrike in June and it is thought the 12-year-old boy was also killed, possibly due to his own mother using him as a human shield.

  • k1992

    I find this story rather depressing, not just because a seemingly normal boy was pointlessly ruined by his evil mother – though of course that – but because of what it seems to demonstrate about humans. One can take pretty well any child and indoctrinate him/her into violence and hatred of islam and turn them into killing machines for life. We humans are putty to be molded, seemingly.

    Of course, once their particular purpose was accomplished (that of terrorizing the infidel, perhaps, or the enemies of the government), having a lot of psychotic, merciless and mindless killers running around might not be exactly conducive to a smoothly functioning society – so the people who created those monsters would presumably do away with most of their tools at that point.

  • tom_billesley

    I abhor animal cruelty. Couldn’t he have practised on mahometans?

  • The Buddhist Butterfly


  • Jabberwokk

    Jojo’s Bizarre adventure.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Unless you’re going to eat it, that’s a waste of a perfectly good goat.

  • DaninVan

    What is it with muzzies and goats anyways? Sheep I could understand…