Vegas Weekend Roundup: Insanity

Ok, let’s go through this because the conspiracy nuts are going insane at the moment.

  • Exile1981

    The FBI is not helping with the way they keep changing the story.

  • Totally useless article. The only thing I learned in the article is the author enjoys broadcasting to the world: “Look at me — I know more about guns and stuff than the rest of you”. And with respect to the conspiracy theorists it’s “Look at me, I’m really good at noticing silly irrelevant things and making mountains out of molehills.”

    Neither of them impart any revelations on the case, nor answer the fundamental question about MOTIVATION. That’s where the “cover-up” is — the fact that nobody is making a serious attempt to answer that, and as with almost every terrorist attack, whether in the U.S. or England or elsewhere, there seems to a vested interest in keeping motivation under wraps or twisting it for political purposes. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about whether the guy used AR-15’s, bumpy dumpys, wing wangs, or ping pong balls. Whether there were 10 shooters or one shooter, or if it was a mouse running around on a wheel. WHAT WAS THE MOTIVATION?

    • Exile1981

      ISIS took responsibility in the latest magazine. Given their history of not taking responsibility for things unless they really did do it…. well I think the FBI should look closer.