The Right Man at the Right Time

No matter what he does, a large part of the country will never accept Donald Trump as our president. Hollywood will never like him, not that that matters any longer, since the implosion of Harvey Weinstein has shown the entire lot of virtue signaling miscreants to be morally bankrupt.

The media will always be against him. They may have been head over heels for Barry the “lightworker,” “sent to help us evolve,” but it will always be “he can’t do anything right,” for Trump.

The hardcore progressives, around 20% of the population, will forever loathe him and regular “run of the mill” Democrats will never think of him as anything but illegitimate — that’s been the media’s meme since last November.

Even many “middle of the road” Republicans — who in essence, stake out positions once held by mainstream Democrats before the party mutated into a hard-left progressive movement — don’t like him either.

Yet, there is a silent majority in this nation who are willing to give the man a chance to succeed.