See propaganda leaflets North Korea floated into South Korea calling for ‘Death to old lunatic Trump!’

Propaganda fliers presumed to be from North Korea and calling U.S. President Donald Trump a “mad dog” have turned up across central Seoul, including near the presidential Blue House, according to posts on social media and people who found them.

  • And North Korea expects South Koreans – well-fed, with access to the Internet and shopping malls to beat the band – to be swayed by these pamphlets?

    Wow. Communists just don’t get it.

    • Exactly. And there are number of NK dissident orgs that use these very same traditional methods of political pamphleteering against the NK regime itself, effected clandestinely throughout the hermit kingdom. Well-thought-out tracts and pamphlets to convince people by sound argument, rather than in-your-face offensive propaganda. In combination with more modern tech methods such as the distribution of info on USB drives etc.

      NK cannot possibly win in the propaganda war. Unless of course they target American Universities where people are gullible enough to swallow the commie claptrap. Or Hollywood and the sports/entertainment industry — “educated” multi-millionaire capitalists such as Dennis Rodman, for example. Some capitalists “just don’t get it” either.

      • You are right about the USB drives. That has had a HUGE effect on North Koreans.

        How can one win a propaganda war? One side has food and the other doesn’t?

        “Capitalists”, not capitalists.

        • You’ve probably heard about the “balloon” program as well — been around for a long time.

          • Do go to One Free Korea. The site-manage has all manner of things on that subject.

    • canminuteman

      I think are are actually a lot of communists in SKor. There are regularly mass protests against the government, probably instigated from the north, but with a shocking amount of support in the South.

      • There are but there are also people old enough to know how crappy communism is and how awesome Korean barbecue and cell phones are, so …

  • Hard Little Machine

    So they work for the governor of California?

  • Sunshine

    It looks like Trump’s strategy is working: Assigning responsibility to China for NoKo.
    China is preventing Kim from deploying missiles, so he’s down to leaflets. It must be very frustrating for him.

  • DMB

    I don’t know if this is real North Korean propaganda or satire. Either way this is funny!