Venezuelans face ‘Sophie’s Choice’ in Sunday’s elections


Imagine living in a country where an overwhelming majority of voters elect an opposition-dominated legislature, but where the executive power immediately and illegally stacks the country’s supreme court with its supporters so it can invalidate almost everything the legislature does.

Imagine a country where the executive power and its accomplices in the country’s electoral commission unilaterally postpone elections for all local and state offices.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    These elections will not be decided by the voters, but by the vote counters.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Nuke it from orbit

  • deplorabledave

    The direction America was heading until Trump intervened.

  • disqusW6sf

    Jeepers! I hope Canada doesn’t go this route. There is a pattern.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      We’ve got it now with the supreme court.(note: lower case)

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    An out of control judiciary is the greatest threat to democracy of our time.
    In Venezuela’s case, they will probably have to be violently removed from power.

  • Actually the word “hambre” in that context means “hunger” or “starvation” — it’s a noun, not an adjective. It has broader meaning — the lady with the sign is not simply saying “[I am] hungry”, she’s signalling something more dire: something like a State-induced famine.

  • Minicapt

    Are you sure it’s not Illinois?