Taliban deny former Canadian captive’s claims of murder, rape

PESHAWAR: The Afghan Taliban have rejected allegations from freed Canadian Joshua Boyle that the militants raped his wife and killed one of their infant children while the family was being hostage.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Afghan Taliban, told media on Sunday that they never raped Boyle’s wife, Caitlan Coleman, and never even parted the pair from each other in the past five years that they were in captivity.

I don’t believe a word Boyle says, his statements lauding the Pakistani government’s rescue effort seem more staged than a Trudeau photo op, in a video at the link below he recounts his “rescue”, it sounds like pure propaganda .

This smacks of a deal between Pakistan and the Taliban to take the heat off from Trump. I doubt that Trudeau was even informed it was going down, a good move by Trump if so.

‘The captors ran like cowards’: Canadian hostage recounts the terrifying firefight that led to his family’s rescue from the Taliban

I hope the wife’s father is able to arrange for her and the kids to visit the USA soon…

  • BillyHW

    Why can’t these people ever die in horrible “accidents” on the way home to save all of us the money and trouble.

    • I’m sure Boyle will sue the Canadian Government meaning us for his 10 million.

      • I think that is what he is angling for.

      • Alain

        With this government he may not even need to sue if you take the example of Khadr.

  • Cat-astrophe

    In the court of public opinion, I will have to side with the Taliban on this one.
    How many babies born while being held “hostage”?

  • Literally Hitler
    • Yup mine blew a fuse.

    • marty_p

      As long as Mr Boyle doesn’t get any of my hard earned tax dollars in “compensation” from the Turdeau Lieberals – I couldn’t care less about his exploits/trials/tribulations. So far the saga belongs in the National Enquirer not on the pages of the Toronto Star and Crescent or the CBC National News.

      The truth in this story as told so far stinks to high heaven.
      The only thing they seem to have been deprived of during their captivity is condoms (as evidenced by the number of children they cranked out while supposedly being abused in captivity).

      • He is the least trustworthy victim I’ve seen in a while.

  • PaulW
  • Tooth&Claw

    Boyle’s story smells as badly as my city mandated compost bucket. The beard is a dead giveaway,as is his faux outrage. Muslims don’t rape other Muslim’s wives, and I suspect in order to marry his first wife, Zaynab Kadhr, he converted and is in fact a Muslim.
    As for the baby girl, I doubt she existed. Mom doesn’t look all that well nourished to support that many pregnancies to term in that amount of time.

  • LairdKintyre

    Who cares what happened to Mr Boil while the Taliban had him and his family? I hope he got it up the rear end every single day. Serve the useful idiot right and maybe show him what his chosen “”oppressed group”” is really like. I mean why listen to those bigots and racists who dont like islamist terrorists eh. Mister Boil. They are just misunderstood. And you are so smart to see that. Too bad you cost your family 5 years of Hell to find out what us common sense Conservatives already know.

  • Mal

    Who would believe a single word that comes out of that smirking yap?

  • Canadian Born

    He should be given a polygraph and so should she. Would it help? If you are a good liar, you probably could fool it. No one would continue wearing the hijab once out of harms way, yet she is still wearing it. They will never conform to western ways, after pledging to Allah. Canadians are the ones that are going to suffer and the shame is on us.

  • Ron MacDonald

    With Trudeau as prime minister I doubt we will ever hear the truth why Boyle was hiking in a war zone.

    • Alain

      It certainly would not be reported by our MSM.

  • Alain

    All the evidence backs up the Taliban version and not Boyle’s. Pretty bad when the Taliban is more credible than one of our own. Oh how it pains me to type “one of our own”.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Why do you still see her still wearing that muzzie sit?

  • K1

    Dear Pakistani Army
    I read your msg loud and clear
    YOU know who