Taliban deny former Canadian captive’s claims of murder, rape

PESHAWAR: The Afghan Taliban have rejected allegations from freed Canadian Joshua Boyle that the militants raped his wife and killed one of their infant children while the family was being hostage.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Afghan Taliban, told media on Sunday that they never raped Boyle’s wife, Caitlan Coleman, and never even parted the pair from each other in the past five years that they were in captivity.

I don’t believe a word Boyle says, his statements lauding the Pakistani government’s rescue effort seem more staged than a Trudeau photo op, in a video at the link below he recounts his “rescue”, it sounds like pure propaganda .

This smacks of a deal between Pakistan and the Taliban to take the heat off from Trump. I doubt that Trudeau was even informed it was going down, a good move by Trump if so.

‘The captors ran like cowards’: Canadian hostage recounts the terrifying firefight that led to his family’s rescue from the Taliban

I hope the wife’s father is able to arrange for her and the kids to visit the USA soon…