‘Soldier of Allah’, 22, who threatened to blow up a UK hospital avoids terror charges after ‘legal technicality’ due to his Facebook privacy settings

A man who described himself as a ‘soldier of Allah’ escaped a terrorism charge because of his Facebook settings.  

Leroy McCarthy, 22, was going by the name Abdullah Mahmood when he was arrested for a string of offensive posts.

In one, he wrote about bombing Furness General Hospital, in Cumbria.

But he was not charged with a terrorism offence due to his social media settings.

Lee Dacre, prosecuting, told Furness Magistrates’ Court: ‘He would have been here today on a terrorism charge but for the settings on his Facebook. It’s a legal technicality.’

  • Ed

    Nature’s already given him a life sentence.

    • BillyHW

      Looks like he’s got quite a few diverse genes in there.

      • bob e

        mebbee a bit of goat DNA ..

    • Millie_Woods

      Still, he outsmarted the british judiciary. Not that it’s very difficult if you have the proper skin pigmentation..

  • bob e

    Interesting lookin’ freak from hell ..

  • LairdKintyre

    I didnt realize it was possible to grow a tooth right under the center of ones nose let alone an ugly rotten discolored one. Ah, the possibilities of inbreeding

  • They should arrest him and throw him in jail for life just for his ugly face.

  • Alain

    We would have lost WW I and WW II if we had had all those “legal technicalities” when dealing with captured enemy combatants. That we insist on trying enemy combatants and often traitor in a regular criminal court as regular domestic criminals boggles the mind.

  • DaninVan

    Hey; we get Harv’s hotel rm # and send ‘Leroy’ over there as a gift! 🙂