Islamophobic elephants attack Rohingya Muslim camp, killing four in Bangladesh

Wild elephants attacked a new camp where Rohingya refugees were sleeping, killing a woman and her three children in southern Bangladesh, an official said Sunday.

A herd of elephants entered the Balukhali camp in Ukhiya town early Saturday and trampled tents where several refugees were sleeping, said district forest official Mohammed Ali Kabir.

  • Alain

    Elephants are known for their intelligence and long memory which is more than one can say for leaders in the West along with far too many voters.

  • Shebel

    GOD does his wonders in mysterious ways.

  • DaninVan

    Whole new meaning to ‘the elephant in the room.

  • Martin B

    Even the beasts of the jungle have the sense to hate Islam.

  • mobuyus

    islam needs more stomping pachyderms.

  • Frances

    Up the elephants!!

    • andycanuck

      Carry On Rohingya!

      Oh. Are we not doing Sid James’ movies’ titles?

      • Frances


  • Hard Little Machine

    Trunk Lives Matter

  • pettifog

    I’ll bet those villagers wish they had a second amendment where they’re from.

  • Shebel

    Betcha they wish they were fighting against Christians.

  • andycanuck

    The elephants were pissed that the Moslems would be banning fermented-fruit alcohol.

  • chayisun

    The elephants are Mossad agents! Sent by Israel to exterminate as many muslims as possible! Actually, for a herd of Mossad agents, they didn’t do a very good job…..

  • Malcolm Y

    I knew they were pretty intelligent but I didn’t know elephants were THAT intelligent.

  • Brett_McS

    Next stop, the Republican Congress.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …animals can instinctively sense bad people…