Imam who has spoken out against Muslim extremists fears for his life after attackers smashed his car’s windscreen and carved ‘ISIS’ into the bonnet

A Muslim imam who campaigns against radical Islam has been forced into hiding after his home was targeted and his car keyed with the letters ISIS.

Adelaide’s Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi, who preaches messages of peace, returned home this week to find his car emblazoned with the symbol for the Islamic State militant group.

  • simus1

    “Well, doh.”
    To quote Homer Simpson.

  • Maurice Miner

    “It all depends what the meaning of the word IS IS…”

    (per Hillary Rodham Clinton’s husband)

  • terrence22

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED I SAY.

    Surprise, SURPRISE!

  • Dana Garcia

    That’s Islam — where no good deed goes unpunished.

  • mauser 98

    hold my goverment cheque,IPhone, $10 latte while i carve ISIS on this windsheild

  • deplorabledave
  • bargogx1

    Hmm, not a single word in the article about what the authorities are doing about this. One might infer that they’re doing nothing.