How did a confused liberal political scientist come to be a hated man?

From Justin Dean Lee at Los Angeles Review of Books:

MARK LILLA IS a hated man. Or so one might conclude from the rancor he has absorbed since publishing his controversial New York Times op-ed “The End of Identity Liberalism” in November 2016. A colleague has even accused him of attempting to make “white supremacy respectable” again.

What exactly has Lilla written to provoke such vitriol? A treatise for social Darwinism? Tips for sewing homemade Klan hoods?

Of course not. He has merely voiced publicly what many other Democrats have been saying in private: that the party’s focus on identity politics has come at the expense of winning elections, which means the very groups it purports to care most about are being underserved. Lilla proposes that the left abandon this self-defeating discourse and reinvest in reasoned appeals to the common good. More.

Reality check: Then Lilla is living on the wrong planet and should get off. Progressive politics by its very nature parasitizes disadvantaged groups and makes them lifelong helpless pawns of the progressive establishment. By the time the victims are properly processed, they have nothing to offer but their victimhood votes.

Progressives who are not, ultimately, like that must live on a different planet, maybe somewhere where honesty is permissible and results matter. Somewhere past the Bootes Void maybe.

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