Harvey Weinstein Proves Why the Left Really Hates Trump

Chalk up the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal as one of the most unsurprising big media stories of the modern era. It’s like when a magazine run by liberals and devoted to promoting and encouraging the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” lifestyle flubs a story about campus rape. (And subsequently – and quite deservedly – gets sued into near oblivion.) In other words, almost no one should be surprised that a big-time Hollywood producer and film studio executive such as Harvey Weinstein is a sexual miscreant.

If you want to find a “rape culture,” look no farther than Tinseltown.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The Feminist Revolutionary People’s Resistance Front should suicide bomb the Oscars red carpet this year

  • Meanwhile the story conveniently diverts attention from the Vegas massacre, which appears steeped in more bungling or deliberate political coverup than anything else these days.

    And yes, I know, you have to take Infowars with a grain of salt. I actually take it with a big heap of salt, and filter it three times over. But there are certain facts that are coming out that clearly stand on their own and deserve close examination right now, but nobody is paying attention.

    In reference to Weinstein, did he actually forcibly rape somebody? No doubt the man is a pig and a predator, but time will tell whether he actually did anything illegal as the evidence and testimony surfaces — FBI has already opened an investigation. Meanwhile they’ve forgotten about Vegas — a more earthshaking issue that requires more diligent expertise than solving another par-for-the-course Hollywood rape, imo. Surprise surprise, Hollywood is full of sickos and perverts! So what else is new?

    • mauser 98

      (Buzzfeed..ton of salt)
      October 15, 2017,
      Trump Given A Subpoena For All Documents Relating To Assault Allegations


      • Gloria Allred is despicable.

        I used to watch all the court TV shows once upon a time. I can honestly say that every one of these shows seemed to me to have fair and honest Judges who were skilled at getting the evidence and making just judgements irrespective of whether they were male or female Judges, Black, White, Hispanic — they were all very good. I always used to come away from the experience thinking, “wow, the Justice system in the U.S. really does work” (we didn’t have court TV in Canada).

        With one exception: Gloria Allred. I could never understand how she could be a Judge, because her judgements were always political, never based on the evidence. She’s a fake, and a disgrace to the bench and should be kicked off for good. And I’m sure she’s even more corrupt as a lawyer. There are some Judges that going to spend an eternity in hell when they die like Gloria Allred, when they have to face the “Judge of all Judges” and answer for their evil deeds on earth.

        (sorry for the long rant mauser I’ve been seriously irritated lately)

        • mauser 98

          Allred daughter as bad or worse

          Rose McGowan Claims Lawyer Lisa Bloom Offered Her $6M to Say Harvey Weinstein ‘Changed’


          • Looks like another bombshell — they’re eating their own.

        • mauser 98

          s’ok…like a good rant

          • Thanks. And I’m thinking, what’s wrong with Trump “kissing and hugging” a woman. Yesterday when the Canadian PM and wife were visiting, Trump kissed and hugged Trudeau’s wife. He probably does it a thousand times a day — it’s a form of greeting. Trudeau did the same with Melania. And having lived in Latin America if you DON’T kiss and hug the women you meet then it’s a fucking faux pas!

            So it’s gotta be more than that — more than a formality, or a hug (“abrazo”) from a familiar friend or acquaintance which usually involves either sex. How many times have we seen Trump hugging men? He does it constantly, even with military people! Obama did it too if I recall. So it’s gotta be more than that.

          • Innocent kissing and hugging is ok. But grabbing their bosoms or their vaginas without tacit permission is not ok.

          • No discussion there. But if it’s in reference to Trump, the press has deliberately and consistently misquoted him. Although it was still a rather piggish thing to say, the fact is he literally said “women throw themselves at you”, hence “you can grab…” etc. That’s definitely them giving you permission if they literally “throw themselves at you”. The woman initiated, and it wasn’t “tacit” permission, apparently it was overt permission.

            They also omit the fact that he PUBLICLY acknowledged that it was nevertheless a filthy thing to say, and it was quite a heartfelt apology. But I think the press only played the tape of that apology once during the entire campaign. I’m sure many people around the world didn’t even hear about the public apology — I’d never seen Trump so humbled.

          • I do remember Trump’s apology, and I think it was sincere. He has obviously grown spiritually since the time he made the stupid statement.

    • RJ – I have no doubt it is true that Weinstein raped many women. I doubt very much they are making it up.

      • I don’t trust Weinstein at all and it appears he’s ten times the pig that Trump was. But it has to play out in the Courts. And if you listen to the tape the lady is sitting there saying “no, I don’t want to” and whining like a baby, yet she still sits there arguing with the guy!

        For gawds sake if that was any self-respecting woman in my own family, she would stand up, smack him in face, and stomp out of there furious! Instead she sits there whining and playing the game — she’s got $$$ in her eyes, she’s literally “negotiating” knowing damn well he’s a pig.

        Anyway, I could be wrong on both comments — just my observations…

        • Women are sometimes weak, and do not know how to say no, and are afraid to resist because they are afraid to be beaten up even more if they do, and so forth. Additionally, these women were afraid to lose their jobs or their future in the movie industry, etc.

          • Very true. I’m accustomed to the assertive Italian women in my family.

  • The selection of starlets via the producer’s couch was always known, indeed proverbial.
    I remember reading a novel maybe 50 years ago in which a mother brings her daughter (a child of five or so, as I recall) to the movie mogul’s study and leaves her there to get raped, so as to get her an acting job. I remember at the time I found this story painfully shocking, but the point of it was that this was normal in Hollywood.