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Michael Moore Claims Ignorance On Weinstein Despite Active Partnership, Blames ‘All White Men’

There is no way in hell Moore didn’t know what Weinstein was up to.

It’s unreal what a liar this man is, yet the liberal media is hailing him as a hero for this idiotic rant.

Moore goes on to blame “all men,” which he later specifies means “white men,” for Weinstein’s personal behavior.

City of Victoria to send ‘climate accountability’ letter to fossil fuel companies asking them to pay up

The City of Victoria is about to become the third Vancouver Island municipality to send what it calls a climate accountability letter to 20 of the world’s largest fossil fuel companies.

A majority of Victoria councillors have approved sending the letter, which asks the companies, including Exxon, Chevron and Shell, to pay their share of the city’s climate costs.

German minister upsets fellow conservatives over Muslim holidays

Speaking on the campaign trail ahead of an election in the northern state of Lower Saxony due on Sunday, de Maiziere – a member of Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) – said he was open to certain regions of Germany having Muslim public holidays.

He pointed out that All Saints’ Day was only a public holiday in Germany’s Catholic regions and added: “In places where there are many Muslims, why can’t we think about introducing a Muslim public holiday?”

Canada: Muslim explains that he tried to murder woman because “I started listening to the Koran”

Mary Hare was attacked with a knife in her dorm room at UBC last year. The trial for the accused in the attempted murder case began at B.C. Supreme Court Tuesday. (CBC News )

When asked by Sgt. Jeffrey why he might have attacked Mary Hare with a knife Almestadi said, “I started listening to the Koran and understanding the meanings differently.”

Minnesota: Police track down man at his home, give citation for pickled pig’s foot at Muslim booth

Fernkes was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct for his actions taken at the Aug. 12 farmer’s market located in the parking lot of the YMCA in Willmar, a small city that has been inundated with Somali refugees over the last 15 years.

The 61-year-old grandfather allegedly drove up in his wheelchair to a Somali-staffed vendor booth, placed a pickled pig’s foot on the table and then drove away while directing an obscene gesture at the vendors, according to the local newspaper.

Witnesses claim he also cursed and used anti-Muslim slurs.

The truth is the Liberals have been itching to tax discounts for decades

Was the Trudeau government really blindsided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) over the taxing of employee discounts, as they claim?

The federal Liberals insist they never approved a CRA directive, revealed last weekend, to tax the face value of products and services employers give their workers at reduced rates.