Christian printer refuses to produce business cards for transgender diversity consultant

This guy dresses in women’s clothing and calls himself Joanne. We’re supposed to take that seriously.

A devout Christian printer refused to produce business cards for a transgender diversity consultant because he didn’t want to promote a cause potentially harmful to fellow believers.

Nigel Williams turned down the chance to work for Joanne Lockwood’s consultancy, SEE Change Happen, which promote diversity, equality and inclusion.

  • Dana Garcia

    Anyone with the job title of “Diversity Consultant” should face an extra tax for undermining society.

  • Dave

    If I dress as a cop, lawyer or doctor, I go to jail. What’s up with these freaks?

  • deplorabledave

    which promote diversity, equality and inclusion.

    definition: mental illness.

  • That is the free market.

  • I’m surprised the printer hasn’t been arrested and hanged publicly in front of the Town Hall. How dare he have principles when a sexual deviant wants something?

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I like the guy! He’s my kind of sob. Don’t let the wack jobs push you around.
      ps. I find it a compliment when some body calls me an asshole because I call it the way I see it.