Austria Poised to Shift Sharply Right in Election

VIENNA — Austrians rejected a right-wing populist to represent them as head of state by a wafer-thin margin last year. But after a general campaign focused on immigration and rocked by scandal, voters appear poised in elections this Sunday to give populism a new push by granting a far-right party at least a share of power in the next government.

The recent Austrian presidential election, followed by the defeat of far-right candidates in the Netherlands and in France this year, appeared to blunt the surge of populism in Europe. But last month, the far-right Alternative for Germany party won more than 90 seats in the German Parliament, making it the third-largest bloc in the legislature. A strong performance in Austria by the far-right Freedom Party could give populists additional momentum.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Kurz looks like he is poised to sing “Tomorrow Belongs To Me.”

  • ntt1

    the so called far right is about as far from socialist fascism as it is possible to be, It encouraging to see fresh shiny faces devoted to fighting for and preserving a wonderful culture that is threatened by being swamped by barbarians. The left can’t wait for cultural collapse so they can swing into action and assume leadership over muslim filth, much like the Wiemar parliamentarians who supported Hitlers rise because they thought they could manipulate him too.

  • Sharkibark

    I am sorry, I’m glad Austria is moving away from globalism and the leftist European Union. But man, is it just me or do they look a bit demented in that picture???