After Jagmeet Singh’s win, we need to talk more about the ills of socialism

New? Hardly.

If the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is true, then a recent photo gallery on food shortages in Venezuela should be all anyone needs to understand the ills of socialism.

The Bloomberg Businessweek featureshows pictures of regular Venezuelans from before and after the recent food shortages began.

To name one, Julio Cesar Montes, a 50-year-old security guard and father of five, plummeted from 172 lbs. to 115lbs.

  • David Murrell

    The national media cartel are simply oozing in delight at Singh’s victory, fawning over the NDP radical. Probably because of his vizmin and left-wing status.

    • ontario john

      The tightly controlled media, concentrates on important issues like Trudeau’s socks, Singh’s pretty turban, or which leader has the nicest hair.

    • We don’t really have a media in Canada, just a very small gene pool of various relatives.

  • ontario john

    Well self proclaimed commie Naomi Klein loves Venezuela, and she and her buddies now control the NDP.

  • This oughta be fun. The next Federal election in Canada will be based on who can move even further toward Communism — Liberals or NDP.

    • Yup and Scheer will still place 3rd;)

      • Dave


    • Brenda

      So how do we drag the window of what is allowed or considered (and perhaps eventually, policy) to the right? Speak out, speak out – don’t let people like Patrick Brown or m103 silence us. If we are against Big Government, then say so; if we are against mass immigration, then say so. We need to speak out unashamedly and without reservation (and yes, that includes me). And brace ourselves for the inevitable, insane backlash.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        I like this lady.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      It’s already in the dipper manifest; the dummies who vote dipper haven’t yet figured it out.

  • Watchman

    The likely Socialist response will be that Venezuela was not a true Socialist country, and that after Chavez died elements of the far right supported by the USA took over the country and caused their Socialism to fail. It is never the inherent inevitable failure of Socialism to blame, it always has to be counterrevolutionaries or Capitalists sabotaging the system.

  • DMB

    The last time the NDP was successful federally was under Jack Layton because he one numerous amounts of seats in Quebec. I do NOT see Jagmeet Singh ever replicating this victory. The NDP under Jagmeet Singh have this time a very different strategy to achieve political gains and that is to win a certain amount of ridings around Toronto (essentially Brampton, Mississauga) and around Vancouver (Surrey). So basically the NDP is going after the South Asian & other immigrant vote to achieve their goals. Even if they capture a dozen seats around Toronto and Vancouver it still won’t match what Jack Layton achieved in Quebec. This NDP is another lame duck party.

  • Clausewitz

    Just remember folks, if you disagree with the NDP from this day forward you are obviously Racist. At least that’s what I got from TVO when they spent an hour on the Agenda passing around the Orgasmitron discussing the new leader.