The Anti-Male Feminism of @abzdafab: Negating the Opinions of Fathers

She seems nice.

  • Alain

    Dear Abigail Shirley, Go to hell.

  • Lightstream

    How stupid can you be. What an arse.

  • Thanks for the advice Abigail! Now fuck off.

    Just because you have an absentee husband or father, doesn’t mean that everybody else should pretend that they do. And if your dad didn’t love you enough to spank you when you were a brat kid, it’s not our fault that you grew up with a twisted mind.

    • Tooth&Claw

      If anything I think a fathers influence (presence or absence) is greatly underestimated.
      If you have a lousy Dad, an absent Dad you are negatively affected for the rest of your life.
      If you have a good Dad that took a postitive interest in you, spent time with you and treated you well…you are blessed.

      • Except these days the “absenteeism” is often involuntary. Feminists like Abigail make it their life purpose to push men out their families, and unfortunately they often succeed. In spite of the fact that Family Law prohibits the “alienation of a child from either of his/her parents”. But since when did feminists respect Family Law, and since when did Judges ever enforce it?

        • Tooth&Claw

          My experience has been different. Granted there are men that do not want the disconnect from their kids and work hard to keep in contact. Sadly that’s not what I’ve seen.
          Relationships of any kind are work and take time and investment. Too often it’s easier to walk away. Do not forget absence is not always due to divorce or parental alienation either. sometimes it’a about choices men make.

          • Exile1981

            The guys I know who have gone through divorce, even when the cause was infidelity b the wife; have ended up paying alimony and child support to the point they are bankrupt and the second they get a raise the courts take it all and if they loose their job and can’t make payments the courts cut off access to the kids.

            I have two friends that are recently divorced and I see how badly they are getting screwed every day and I suspect one will end up homeless and penniless and the other I see slipping into depression.

          • Tooth&Claw

            Divorce benefits no one, especially the kids.

  • Dave

    Remember abby, without a man, be it husband or just a random sperm donor, you and your whiny snivelling bitch friends wouldn’t be here.

  • But those women are special to them.

    Can it, is my point.

  • Maggat

    I am, a husband, a grandfather and great grand father of lovely precious girls. You, Abigail Shirley, can eat shit.

  • DaninVan

    I’m, speechless…I mean you guys said it all!
    No Abigail, you can’t kiss my ass.

  • Marach

    Right. So then she needs nothing from any men.