North German state prohibits refugees from moving to one of its cities

Refugees in Germany will no longer be allowed to settle in the city of Salzgitter, Lower Saxony, according to a decree that was issued by the state’s ministry of the interior on Wednesday.

The government of Lower Saxony stated that they imposed immigration restrictions on recognized and admitted migrants in Salzgitter because of the city’s “exceptionally high immigration” and “for reasons of integration,” reported AFP.

  • BillyHW
    • Cat-astrophe

      That movie, the 1963 ‘Lord of the Flies’ was (is) in my mind the closest, most condensed rendition of human social structure ever released. (not a “Hollywood” production)
      Human nature, groupthink, mob rule, power at the expense of an ‘expendable’ (Piggy).
      Then, when the ‘authorities arrived to save them…..they were just normal kids again.
      The character in the movie I related too; Piggy.
      The genre I view this movie as is ‘Horror’, not “adventure/Drama/Thriller” like on IMBD…..that particular scene around the fire…the chanting…the mindlessness….haunting to this very day.

      • shasta

        Grade nine English – a not so gentle reminder of how civilized we really are.

      • rwg1949yt .

        Judith Rich Harris, a renowned psychologist and author of several important books on the development of personality of children has pointed out that the original division into groups portrayed in the book and movie is contrary to demonstrated social and psychological patterns repeatedly confirmed by observation and experiment.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Wow, that’s like saying they don’t want to be a sanctuary city anymore…un-frickin-believable.

  • Solo712

    Lower Saxony, where Salzgitter lies, is having a regional election this weekend. So it looks like this announcement has been timed just right.