Muslims Target Egyptian Christians Through Abductions, Forced Marriages and Conversions

It’s an atrocity of epic concern – the radical Islamic targeting and trafficking of Christians.

The latest target of Islamic jihadist human trafficking is women and girls – and the latest reports from Egypt are appalling.

Muslim men are kidnapping Egyptian Christian women and girls, forcing them to marry, and in so doing, convert them to Islam. The abducted are also subjected to physical and sexual abuse, drugging, domestic servitude, and prostitution.

In Egypt, networks of abductors work as Islamic mercenary kidnappers-for-hire. Whether the abductors get involved in these networks for ideology or economy or both remains to be seen. However, either way, vast sums of money and material benefits can be attained every time they steal a girl from her family and forcibly convert her to Islam in preparation for marriage to the highest bidder.

  • ontario john

    Strange, I didn’t see that story in the Toronto Star. Michael Coren was writing about how evil Christians are though.

  • Ihavehadenough!

    This is not the real Islam. These guys have it all wrong. Check out the Koran and the Hadith and you will see that such practices are….oh, never mind. Islam is as Islam does. Delenda est.

    • Observer

      For 14 centuries.

  • Blacksmith

    Slavery in pisslam, what a non surprise.

  • jayme

    Being a non-muslim (and, in particular, a non-muslim female) in a muslim majority nation – not pretty. Which Western country will be the first to experience this phenomenon, one wonders? Belgium, perhaps? Or maybe Sweden?

    • Exile1981

      The rape gangs in england are a predecesser of this. It would be interesting to see how many were forced to convert.