Iran Deal Supporters Are Willing To Sell Out The U.S. To Jihadists

Who knew progressives could look past the transgressions of murderous, human rights-violating theocracies to support free trade?

Among the talking points bouncing around the Iran Deal’s devoted echo chamber in the wake of President Trump’s decertification decision is one of proponents’ most honest and simultaneously sordid admissions: The JCPOA means big business for the West. As long as the money is good, let us all pretend we are not subsidizing the world’s leading state sponsor of jihad and protect the pact at all costs.

  • Alain

    Putting self-interest above the security of your country and the free world makes one a traitor. Oh, I know that word is not used anymore, but it does not mean it no longer exists.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The echo chamber is no longer significant. Trump has thrown the issue back to Congress. They can either ratify the deal like the treaty it is or do nothing, in which case, Trump will kill it and throw himself on the feelings of the voters in three years.

  • JoKeR