How the West deluded itself with the ‘end of history’

Fukuyama, in 1992, wrote that Western liberalism had triumphed and helped disarm the secular West mentally. But he was wrong.

Ten years ago, after the massacre at Virginia Tech, African-American libertarian intellectual Thomas Sowell, an economist at UCLA and Stanford, wrote an article in which he explained that mass shootings in America might be the consequence of the Sixties. The first of these massacres took place in 1966, in Austin, Texas, where sixteen people lost their lives when Joseph Whitman, stationed on the university tower, started shooting.

James Alan Fox, author of “The Will to Kill”, blamed the eclipse of the traditional community, too many divorces and the rapid church decline as the cause of the insidious violence in America. Other scholars pointed at the “fatherless America”, the illegitimacy and the destruction of traditional family.

  • Brett McS

    Only an ivory tower academic could believe that. Everyone else knows that grass doesn’t mow itself.

  • Dana Garcia

    Human nature prevails, despite the meanderings of history.

    And it was Charles Whitman on the Texas tower, not Joseph.

    • Hard Little Machine

      And he had a brain tumor which radically altered his behavior in the months leading up to the attack.

  • Joy Daniels Brower

    I don’t think any one thing can be blamed as the cause of this breakdown in society, but maybe the lack of fear on the part of those who commit atrocities can probably be ascribed to a general permissiveness in society as a whole. REAL fear of being caught used to be enough to retard some of the mayhem in society in general, but these days the emphasis on making sure that these serial killers get the best defense money can buy tends to lessen the lesson that society – and the law – would always try to instill.