Father’s History Could Offer Insight Into Mind of Las Vegas Gunman

Facing prison for a string of bank robberies, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock beamed cheerfully at a psychiatrist evaluating his fitness to stand trial, and mused at length — at times with “becoming modesty” — about his life stealing cars, running cons, enduring solitary confinement and getting fired from a job as a bus driver after playing tag with the buses.

“I’m a third time loser,” Mr. Paddock, the father of the Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, told the doctor with a smile, according to a summary of the doctor’s evaluation. Though he was in a jail cell in Phoenix, Mr. Paddock expressed no regrets, and claimed to have a genius IQ.

“Maybe,” he wondered aloud, “I’m an alert psychotic.”

  • Waffle

    I for one am highly skeptical about those bread crumbs carefully being strewn by the FBI.

  • ntt1

    I’d like an insight into the mind of FBI operatives who continue to obfuscate and lie about what happened that day. Why has Jesus Compos disappeared? why has his house now got a full time armed guard? Is he under house arrest?

  • Tooth&Claw

    Too late for the FBI to seed the news with bumpf. We know they’re omitting a lot of the story and editing to fit their needs.

  • Alain

    More totally irrelevent and useless BS to distract the public.