Social conservative issues ‘off limits, period’ at Ontario PC convention

I will not be voting for this liar.

  • Alain

    The name of the party needs to be changed to the Progressive Liberal Party for accuracy. The Liberal Party’s leader is Big Dyke and the Progressive Liberal Party’s leader is Little Butch.

  • JoKeR

    If you don’t come to the convention he is going to choke the monkey!
    And if you don’t support his agenda he is going to pout!

    • ntt1

      got no skin in this fight at all but you have to admit that guy does look like a gay rodeo clown,

    • Justin St.Denis

      That “pout shot” will haunt little Patsy forever. What a queen!

    • How DARE he besmirch Curious George’s good name?

      That b@$#@rd!

  • marty_p

    I am going to hold my nose when I vote PC next year. (Still the lesser of the 3 evils).

    • moraywatson

      I will be staying home.

    • Patrick Brown is more of the same, I’m afraid.

  • 2maxpower

    the liberal / progressives / commies have taken over all the political parties. Brown is one of them and Scheer is giving a lot of indications he is too.

    • ntt1

      yeah scheer is not conservative he is a progressive/ regressive a radical middle of the roader I couldn’t vote for him not after his girlish approval of the paris climate scam.

  • moraywatson

    The National Post is not allowing comments on its Patrick Brown article. Why would that be?

    • ntt1

      they are worried all the gay rodeo clowns will be offended.

      • moraywatson


      • Justin St.Denis

        The gay rodeo clowns are already cringing, I suspect. They had no idea they looked so silly.

      • Heh;)

  • canminuteman

    In the past there has been a Libertarian candidate and a Christian Heritage Party candidate in my riding. Will they win? No, but we have to start somewhere.

    • andycanuck

      In 1985 when Frank Miller lost in a minority to Peterson’s Liberals, the Christian Heritage Party beat out the NDP for third place in my Etobicoke riding! (Including my vote.)

    • ontario john

      I checked out the website of the Christian Heritage Party today. What a refreshing collection of viewpoints.

    • mrzee1

      You might want to take a look at this party

  • simus1

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Cough – Cough – Cough – Cough
    Oh lordy! Haven’t laughed that hard since ………..

  • SDMatt

    The only difference between Patrick Brown and Kathleen Wynne is that Brown is a bigger lesbian.

  • ontario john

    I wonder if the Christian Heritage Party is running provincially?

  • andycanuck

    It’s one thing to say we’ve lost on e.g. abortion and euthanasia in the public sphere so we’re going to ignore those issues (even though at the provincial level is where you can fight them most effectively) if you were going to go hardcore conservative on every other issue instead… enviro crap, budgets, however to influence (illegal) “immigration” you can at the provincial level, but dipsh1t is the opposite on all of that except maybe budgeting (and with that most likely to be sucking globalist dick).

    • jayme

      He’s power hungry, plain and simple, and has no particular ideological bent, no real passion about any issue. He just want power and will say whatever is necessary to get it. Those of us who DO have principles, and care about values and free debate and conservative ideals, must not vote for the PCs. If they are elected, with this clown and his henchmen in charge, it will reinforce the notion that there is no place for actual conservatives in this province. We cannot vote for him.

    • He sucks union dick.

  • Ed

    Patrick Nrown looks like Rob Kinnear. Not good.

  • karra

    Like Sheer – Brown will not say; ‘radical islam’.

  • Dave

    This patrick brown character has zero idea of what the term “conservative” means. Alain pretty much nails it.

  • DMB

    Recently I saw an Anti Patrick Brown attack ad that actually implied that Patrick Brown was against Abortion and opposed to gay marriage even though he clearly stated that he was pro Abortion and bragged about marching in the Pride parade. The one thing the Liberals and their Union allies decided to attack Brown on (social conservatism) is so blatantly untrue and an act of desperation by them. Brown is probably with the exception of John Tory the most hostile PC leader to social conservatives they have ever had.

  • John the Mad

    Shortly after becoming leader Patrick Brown made it crystal clear that social conservatives like me are not welcome in the Conservative Party. I sent him an email saying that I can handle a betrayal. His party and candidates will not be supported by me in the next election.

    No lawn sign, no going door to door, no talking up the party with friends and colleagues as usual. He and the party will get zilch from me as long as he is the leader. If there is a Christian Heritage candidate in my riding, I’ll vote. If not, I will refuse my ballot.

    Patrick Brown is an unprincipled, scurrilous, disgusting, odious, opportunistic, rat, who has failed to rise to the level of scuzzbag, despite his sustained, best efforts.

  • John the Mad

    Please note that, noting your policy, I made my comment in the most respectful way I could mange.

  • LizM

    This guy is such a disappointment. After flipping on the sex ed issue (promptly and conveniently after his nomination) he will not get a dime from me.

  • Solo712

    Don’t forget Brown’s party’s name in Ontario is still “Progressive Conservative”. Welcome political schizophrenics!