Push for electric vehicles and carbon free world doesn’t work for military

Where will our soldiers plug in their electric tanks?

With the decision of TransCanada to cancel their $15.7 billion Energy East Pipeline, a pipeline that would have transported Alberta crude to refineries in the Maritimes and eventually to markets across the Atlantic, we can say goodbye to the creation of 15,000 construction jobs and a potential for 1,000 permanent jobs, along with billions in tax revenue.

Maybe this is just a step towards Trudeau adviser Gerald Butts’ dream of living in a world free of carbon-based fuels and why there is such a big push on these days to increase the sales of electric cars.

  • ontario john

    Rumour has it, that little Justin wants the Aussies to install solar panels on those used planes he wants to buy.

    • Things evolve over time. Not long ago Dick Tracy camera wrist watches where a thing of fantasy. Today they are $300 at Walmart.

      Like it or not. the internal combustion engine will eventually be replaced by batteries in the majority of autos.

      The transition may not be smooth. There will be winners and losers. Hydrogen powered fuel cells may be a military solution. But in twenty years, the majority of today’s sceptics, will be topping up their cars with electrons not gas.

      • Exile1981

        Unless there is a major break through in battery technology it will result in vehicles with short ranges. A study by the sask gov’t showed how much loss of range and battery life these vehicles get in a typical prairie winter. So unless we have a lot more power plants and start heating every garage in Canada it’s not going to help us.

      • WalterBannon

        keep smoking crack bob, its doing your thinking a world of good

        • Thank you very much.

          Technology advances happen. ICE will die.

          There are few buggy whips used today.

      • Tooth&Claw

        Cold and electricity work so well together . Why do you think people in far Northern Climes have battery warmers or take the stupid things indoors?

  • huron

    In their no fossil fuel utopia war will end. Poof all is good!

  • terrence22

    Tesla is having is great year with his massively, MASSIVELY tax payer funded vehicles

    And Norway has finally woken up and realized that electric vehicles require ELECTRICITY to charge their batteries – a LOT of electricty

  • mobuyus

    Bring back the electric chair then let’s talk electricity.

  • ontario john

    Yes the leftist fantasy land continues. I watched Trudeau’s energy minister rant about how Canada will gradually get rid of using fossil fuels. Yes, soon we will all be driving sixty five thousand dollar electric cars, and paying only three thousand dollars a month to heat our homes with green energy hydro.

  • canminuteman

    The army in Canada has already been through this. Back in the late 70’s/early 80’s he feds mandated that certain percentage of the government fleet of vehicles would be propane fueled. The army is by far the biggest chunk of the federal government fleet, so we ended up with a ton of propane powered army trucks, that were not field deployable and totally useless to us. We had a severe shortage of trucks, and parking lots full of trucks that we couldn’t use.

  • Hard Little Machine

    When they’re reduced to spears isn’t that cultural apropriation?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Israel just recently unveiled a light tank with a hybrid engine.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    But they would still need electricity to power all those batteries. Where will all the extra electricity come from? Forget about building more dams—they have been trying to build the Site C dam in BC for 40 years but it is hopelessly bogged down in the courts by Indians and environmentalists.

  • WalterBannon

    canada, a nation of idiots led by idiots

  • Gary

    Just this year the Hollywood Celebs with their mansions and Electric cars had gone into shock when they were told that the Power Plants , running the homes and Charging up the cars , supplying that area are Coal-Fired .
    The NDP in my area are pushing for making the GO Train fully Electric but don’t seem to know where the power will come from . The Diesel-Electric Engines provide direct power no matter the weather or a power failure in parts of Toronto.

    This is a ruse to create Union jobs to build a TTC type above ground Subway system which means that during a power failure…NONE of the trains moves .